Stanley Joseph is referred to by many as being a dynamic, prolific and vibrant Apostle. He’s a husband to his wife Jeancine Joseph. Apostle Joseph’s ministry began at the age of 23 with a heavy healing, deliverance and prophetic ministry. He is a minister currently based out of Deerfield Florida; but he knows that his assignment is global. It is his heart’s desire to take the Word of God to the nations.

He’s a passionate Man of God who believes in the power of prayer and deliverance; and that everything done unto the Lord shall be done with the spirit of excellence. He gives glory and honor to God for the things he has allowed him to witness. In 2012, God allowed him to witness the healing of a woman with an issue of blood, in 2014 he allowed him to prophetically speak into the life of a young lady who is now debt free. God continues to use him and his family as an example that God still delivers and that he will use unlikely people, from unlikely places to do unlikely things. Apostle Joseph is a man who is truly after God’s own heart, he recognizes that the assignment is greater than he could have ever imagined.

In 2015 he continues to follow God and launched, Pentecostal Experience Church. It is through his obedience that God still anoints him daily to walk out the very call that is upon his life. Apostle Joseph understands that it through the Power of Christ that his life will be a light to the lost. Pentecostal Experience Church is an example that God will use his people to reach those who need him; and thus he realizes that he must continue to fight the good fight of Faith by rescuing the lost at any cost.  


4208 N 31st Ave.

Hollywood, FL 33021


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